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Control System
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Kubota Tier 4 Z482 Engine
  • 7kw generator
  • 22,000 BTU Cooling Capacity
  • 25,510 BTU Heating Capacity
  • Insulated covers for noise reduction and reduced vibration
  • Specialized exhaust muffler for reduced noise
  • High performance electric cooling fan to build heat quicker than an engine driven fan.
  • Easy to use operator screen, flexible programming
  • Kubota Tier 4 Z482 Engine
  • EZ Drain oil system for quick oil changes
  • Crankshaft Centreline Balanced engine mounting
  • Nylon braided engine harness designed for high heat, abrasion and oil changes
  • Single piece flex exhaust to eliminate vibration and exhaust from plugging air filter.
  • Serpentine automatic tensioned main drive belt
  • Constant tension clamps for reduced cold leaks
  • Powder coated frame and cradle
  • Aluminum pulleys for weight reduction
  • 60 amp DC alternator
  • 16 amp automatic reset AC breakers
  • 18” frame rail width required

Operator Screen

  • Easy to use
  • LCD high resolution screen
  • Flexible mounting system offers 4 mounting options
  • Flexible programming options for screen display
  • User friendly icons for easy understanding of operations
  • Always displays why the system is running

APU Controller

  • ED Warning system for blown fuses, relays and outlets
  • CAN based communication to reduce wiring

Service Tool

  • Offers flexible programming to control system settings and features
  • Provides diagnostics giving both the output and input information
  • Allows service techs ability to start, stop and control modes from outside of the vehicle
  • Shows the error codes, descriptions and software version
  • Gives cumulative information to verify savings


  • 3 speed blower 435 CFM
  • Electronic controlled water valve
  • High performance blower
  • Serviceable intake filter
  • Powder coat paint
  • 22,000 BTU Cooling capacity
  • 25,510 BTU Heating capacity
  • Automatic temperature control

Condenser Unit

  • Stainless steel condenser sheet metal
  • High performance multi-flow condenser coil
  • High performance condenser fan