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Looks aren’t everything but it’s hard to compete with the sleek stainless steel design of the PATRIOT. With it’s modern style and clean lines, the PATRIOT actually improves the appearance of your truck. Like a true patriot you can be proud of a quality product that is 100% Canadian designed and manufactured.


With the PATRIOT APU you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for functionality. PATRIOT offers an APU that is powerful enough to keep you comfortable in the most extreme of climates while powering all of your auxiliary devices. A specialized exhaust muffler and insulated cover significantly reduces noise allowing you to sleep like you’re at home. PATRIOT provides all of these features without the need for the engine to be running. Enjoy all the comforts of home while reducing CO2 emissions and costly fuel consumption. Because engine use and idle time is significantly reduced, less DPF maintenance is required.


Less fuel consumption, less DPF maintenance and reduced engine wear all translate into substantial cost savings for your fleet and organization. The comfort benefits of the PATRIOT lead to well rested, happy operators who are more productive, safe operators contributing to your bottom line.